January 12, 2011

a "busy mom's" daybook

a few thoughts from this snowy, cozy, pajama wearing day...

Outside my window...snow, duh. but it's melting so that means I won't be breaking my ankle on an icy run this afternoon, thank goodness.

I am thinking...of how incredible happy I am. I called Michael the other day just to thank him again for working so hard and providing for our family so I can be home with our kids. My heart is so full of joy I feel like it's spilling over.

I am thankful for...a good night's sleep last night. Max is sick and was up every 1/2 hour. So Michael graciously moved to the couch and Max snuggled up with me.

I am hoping...that I can continue scheming up ways to cut down our grocery budget - especially with Max already eating more than Avila. I plan on simplifying our dinner meals and perhaps making Tuesday Taco Night, Wednesday Spaghetti, etc. If there are any tips out there, feel free to share!

On my mind...praying about the direction of our blog. Knowing that it takes time away from our kids and home to maintain this site, I want to make sure that every post, every picture glorifies the Lord and draws others towards Him.

Noticing that...when I pray for patience, I get it. The Lord is so generous if only we just ask.

A few plans for the week...Catechism was cancelled today because of the snow but I let the kids rock out in Max's crib to Bible songs. They almost broke the crib. This weekend it's time with my sisters and a trip to Bellingham for the Deaconate Ordination of a good friend from college. And Michael has Monday off!

From the kitchen...lots of free goodies scored through couponing: pasta sauce, salad dressing, a turkey roasting pan and lots of sharpies. I even went out in the snow last night to hit up Rite Aid and Safeway. My trek saved me $50 and that is $50 that can now go towards the basement! I am starting to make our own yogurt (because we go through a carton a day) and I am picking up 30lbs of organic, grass-fed, lean ground beef I got for super cheap through Zaycon Foods. If they deliver to your area, I highly recommend buying meat from them.

Around the house...lost and lots of toys all over the floor. But that's OK because toys out means the kids are happy and healthy and playing together.

Towards fitness and health...two more half marathons on the books. And Avila doing my Jillian Michael's workout DVD alongside me this morning. She gets so frustrated when she can't do the moves! At least Max was sleeping and not crawling all over me.

On faith...We are praying daily for the vocations of our children. We pray that God will give them wisdom from an early age for what He wants them to do in life. We pray that saying "yes" to God won't be a struggle for them and that they will always maintain their innocence.

One of my favorite things...hearing Avila say, "Mama! I get treasures in Heaven because I shared my toys with brother!"

A picture I am sharing...

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