January 5, 2011

Little Miss Ballerina

It should be a great joy of mine if Avila (or one of our other daughters) follows mama's footsteps and becomes a ballerina. I think this little girl is well on her way. Not to mention she has some pretty good technique and some nice arches to boot!

all things dress-up. she changes like a hundred times a day.

one of my old dance costumes.

another old costume of mine. if only I had a digital copy of my first ballet picture when I was 3. Avila looks almost exactly like I did. (I bet you're freaking out over this picture, Mom! I'm sure it brings back a lot of memories!)

this is her "stage." she places it next to the chairs so she can have a barre.

attitude en derriere. perfect form :)

every ballerina has a little diva in her. (in Avila's case it's more than a little)

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