January 14, 2011

TOB hits the blog world!

As many of you know, I travel around speaking on the Theology of the Body. I have been all over the state and can say, soon, that I've been all over the country as I have a talk in Maui coming up. =) But even bigger than that, TOB is venturing out into the blog-o-sphere!

It has been my desire for some time to bring this message to those who perhaps don't get the chance to hear someone speak on TOB or who don't have the time to study it themselves. So, after a few months of prayer and discernment and after consecrating this effort to Our Blessed Mother, I present to you the new blog Theology of the Body NW.

There you will find updated information about the happenings of Theology of the Body around the Northwest area, plus reflections and articles written by myself. Check back often or subscribe to the bottom right of the page. Also, don't forget to "like" TOBNW on facebook. (Because we all want to be liked...)

For my first article, click here. Enjoy...and may God be glorified through this new endeavor!

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