February 3, 2011


The last of the Hawaii pictures, I promise. I don't mean to be annoying by posting about warm weather and hanging out on the beach. But for the grandma and grandpa and aunties who came along, here's some of you.

We have had the awesome chance to go with Michael's parents a few times and this time we went with my family: my mom and dad, and my sisters. Ashley and Kelsey traveled over with us on the flight there and back (I called them my "nannies" because they helped soooooo much with the kids!) and we had lots of great help during the week, too - with people playing and hanging out with Avila and Max so Michael and I could have some down time, too.

Going on vacation is not only a blessing but it's also a great time for reflection. I spent a lot of time reflecting and praying about my role as a wife, mother, and person. Time away reaffirmed the value of raising good and holy kids (they did so great this week), it reaffirmed the value of saving money (to make something like this week even happen), and it reaffirmed the love I have for my husband (he was unbelievably helpful - doing dishes and laundry, sweeping and taking care of the kids). There were many other thoughts and prayers that crossed my heart and now that we are home, this is the time to put everything God spoke to me about into action.

Oh, and a note to self. If we get the chance to go back to Hawaii again I am bringing my coupon binder. I literally started crying when I saw that a carton of yogurt was $5.

I call this picture the "3 sisters"

best buddies

My mom and Max

My dad and his bud, Avila

we had almost the entire beach to ourselves

at Maria Lanakila Parish in Lahaina - the same place I gave a Theology of the Body talk one night while we were in town.


on our daily 2 hour walk

mom, kelsey, dad, and ashley

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Amelia said...

Cute pictures....living the rough life, huh?? ;) Glad you guys all got a little break and fun time with your family! I want to hear how the TOTB talk went!