March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, my Love!

Dear Michael,

Today you turn 32. Another year God has given us to raise our family, create memories, and grow in love. You teach me so much. You are Christ to me. You honestly, truly, seriously help me to be better (and you love me no matter how slowly I am progressing).

Thank you for sacrificing so much. Thank you for driving all the way up to Seattle to bring me my keys when I locked them in my car. Thank you for coming home tonight and caring for our kids (on your birthday, when you should have been out at a meeting and a nice dinner with friends) while I lay sick in bed with the stomach flu (thanks, Max). Thank you for doing so much and not receiving as many thank you's as I should give you.

God sent you to me, and I will eternally be grateful. You are my protector, my warrior, my help and my love.

I love you,
your wife

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