March 11, 2011


I mentioned how excited I am for Lent to work on things in my own life, but I am also excited because this is the first Lent that Avila "gets." Taking time to create habits, traditions, and things to learn is worth it because sister is still singing Christmas carols and talking about baby Jesus in the manger. I realized that's because she had a solid few weeks to prepare for and let the truth about Christmas sink it. And it is my hope that the same will happen with the Lent and Easter seasons (except for the Christmas song part...).

We are keeping Lent focused on preparing for Jesus' death and Resurrection and we're not trying to bite off more than we can chew. A lot of these ideas come from other sources (aka: the credit is not due to me!) and it makes me grateful for the blogging community aimed at spreading the message of Jesus to little ones, so that we don't all have to reinvent the wheel.

Our schooling is also going to be more focused on Lent. Our letters and word writing will focus on Lenten words, we are going to make the Stations of the Cross for our hallway, this Veronica Veil, a crown of thorns during Holy Week, and we'll focus on other, simpler aspects. Again, this isn't all about "doing" but rather about instilling the message of Christ through tangible, easy to grasp projects.

On our calendar we listed what we are going to do with Fasting: (giving up our TV show in the morning, no dessert except Sunday), Prayer (decade of rosary with Avila before schooltime), and Almsgiving (money in our jar). When I told Avila that we are going to give money to people who don't have food, she ran to grab the dollar she got from her birthday (apparently she was hiding it in the couch) and put it in the Alms jar. We're also going to try to do Stations or Adoration or a daily Mass once a week (depending on our schedule) and go pray a couple times at the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic in support of the 40 Days for Life campaign going on now.

With that said, here we go! May the Lord keep us faithful to our commitments that we may grow in holiness and love of our Lord!

ALMS jar, our version of the "rice bowl." I just though a jar was prettier :) And our sacrifice beads. Avila painted a backdrop in the colors of Lent (well, pink isn't really a color of Lent, but pink has to be in everything she does...)

our countdown calendar. she gets to put a sticker on each day. I already put a set of Stations of the Cross stickers on different days (thanks, Cheri! I think you gave these to me a couple years ago. I knew they would come in handy!)

under Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount...

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