March 13, 2011

Max, the labrador

I have always likened Max to a little puppy. From birth to 6 months, he always had his tongue out. He loves to chew on shoes and even ripped a hole in his stuffed lamb that he's only had for 2 days. (There goes his lovey...) His favorite place is a lap, snuggling. He comes to me at just about the same time every day and wants to play "tug of war" with his toys. He eats all the time (always wants my food) and you can coax him with a treat. He always has something in his mouth. (disclaimer from previous post: there is nothing around he can choke on!)

And, lastly, it is so easy to teach him tricks.

Case in point:

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Mary said...

WHAT A SMARTY PANTS!!! WOW Kris, I am impressed!!! Really!!! Way to go Max! He is such a cutie, and what a heart-breaker he's gonna be!