March 10, 2011

quote board

Me: Avila, do you know what word we can't say during Lent?

Her: Santa Claus.


Me: Avila, what did you dream about last night?

Her: I dreamed that Sally saw seashells by the seashore.


Me: What did you draw, honey?

Her: A chalice.

Me: Do you know what's inside a chalice?

Her: Particles.


Her: Mom, what is that that Max has?

Me: It's his lovey (a stuffed animal to cuddle with at bedtime).

Her, to Max: Oh, Maxie! You are so grown up!


Overheard at the grocery store:
Her: You've got to get yourself together. You got stuck in a moment and can't get out of it...

(bonus points to those that can name the song/artist. Here's a hint, this one's for you Deacon Bryan.)


Max has some tricks of his own, although he is too busy eating to talk all that much...

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