April 2, 2011

Lent Activities (and a Rainbow Fish)

I have been trying to figure out how to teach the Stations of the Cross to a 3yr old without it being boring and without her simply having to memorize them. So, I made up a fun game! I printed off these cards (scroll down and click on the link under the fourth picture), colored and laminated them. (Our printer is black and white and I wanted some color, but didn't want to color the whole thing. So in each picture I colored Jesus' garment purple, his crown of thorns, and the cross. And then I colored one other element central to that station to help her pick out what was important.) I also added numbers to each so she could put them in order herself, because she doesn't quite get the first, second, third concept. So, not only is this learning the Stations but also number ordering! We then talked briefly about each Station and the game consists of me calling out a Station and her trying to find it. Once she finds it she gets to put her little crucifix on it! Super easy and super fun. Our Crown of Thorns we just made. She gets to take out a thorn for each sacrifice made. And then on Easter we will decorate it with flowers. (Although this was not fun being a celiac and having to mix 4 cups of flour, which inevitably got all over...) Can't forget Rainbow Fish!!!


jen said...

I found a gluten free all purpose flour at Fred Meyer on the regular baking isle. I don't remember the brand, but it is the only one on the shelf with the regular flour, and it works GREAT! I have used it in a ton of cooking and baking and have had zero issues and the food is yummy. Plus it is a lot less than buying all the special flours and mixing them together to get an all pupose flour that you can use.

Annie said...

Wow Kristine, you could just do a blog about all the great Catholic teaching resources you have found/ created. Or write a book! With all your freetime of course. :o)