April 21, 2011

The Priest's Table

In honor of Holy Thursday, we just made this cool Last Supper table - and the Apostles are in the same order as in the original da Vinci painting! If you can't tell, Avila's Apostles are mostly pink and purple, although I refused to let her color Jesus pink. Oh, and she insisted that they all be carrying rosaries.

She has been playing with them all morning - serving Jesus cake, and asking about the different postures of each disciple. She also asked if we could make another "priest's table" again. Kinda cool she got that on her own...kids sure pick up on a lot more than we think!


The Herring family said...

We did this today, too! I'll have to post a picture of Clare's work of art. Unlike Avila, Clare did succeed in coloring Jesus purple. Oh well. :)

Amelia said...

You guys do such neat things with your kids....can't wait until Jack, etc. are old enough for that...and to get some good ideas from you SOON! :)(YEA!)