May 23, 2011

the coolest cove in the house

After many design changes and a lot of planning, the playroom cove is almost done! This area makes real a dream I have had for a long time - namely to have book storage plus provide a cozy, comfy reading area for the kids. The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves will house all their books, and the bench on top will fit a twin mattress (so this can double as a cool bed for sleepovers). Underneath has been deemed the "fort" as I'm sure we'll find Max hanging out in there most of the day, but it's really for extra storage and baskets that will contain all their "cozies:" blankets, stuffed animals and dress-up clothes. There will also be small cabinets up top to house toys and school stuff not in use. Oh, and this area has another purpose that I can't forget to mention: a stage. Avila has already spent some good time up there singing and dancing for all to see. I also plan on having a removable curtain for reading privacy if the kids so wish or (the more fun option) puppet shows.

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Joe, Anna and baby Gus said...

I love it! Let's get that puppet show going!