May 25, 2011


Max is now throwing in some of his own quotes! Although his are through his hands, as he is using his limited sign language, but man are they just as cute...

Him, pointing to the vacuum: "Dat! Dat!" and then signing "please"
Me: "You want the vacuum?"
Him: points to food and signs "all done!"

This one's happened the past few days as we go into his room for naps and bedtime:
Him: points to his crib and signs "please"

At Costco today:
Him: points to the giant tub of animal crackers and signs "more" for about 10 minutes and then starts screaming because I won't open the container.

And, tonight, a moment I will forever remember:
We are snuggling in the rocking chair and he is just about asleep. He looks over at me and I say "I love you." He then smiles, and shows me an "L" with his little boy just signed that he loves me!!

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Bridget said...

Awesome! The first "I love you..." Treasure this in your heart forever!