May 2, 2011

sock sisters...and a really fun race

Yesterday, my sistas and I ran the Tacoma Half Marathon. (um, kind of dumb we only got half of a medal...I thought 13.1 wasn't half of anything??) But, it was a beauitful day, an awesome course (barring the huge hills at mile 12) and all 3 of us beat our time goals!!!

Given this was my 3rd half in 4 months, I promised Michael it would be my last race for awhile. But I am still on a runner's high from yesterday and there's another one in June that's calling my name. Oh, what to do?!

Here are my race stats (not that you really care. but I was proud of myself, so I shall share):

Official Time: 1:55:32 (3 min faster than last time, and my new PR)
Pace: 8:49
Overall Place: 306/1,077 runners
Gender Place: 106/659 females
Age Group Place: 23/111 (ages 25-29)

OK, so this idea was kind of awesome. Given the race started at 8am and it was going to be a bit chilly before the start I had the idea of using some of Michael's socks as arm warmers. We ditched them in the garbage a mile or so in. Although we did get a few weird looks...

waiting for mommy and auntie's at the finish. They were able to meet us at 4 different spots on the course!

"mommy, I was waiting for you!"

"why are you taking a picture of me...?"

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