May 6, 2011

some really cool pictures that get me so excited I think I just might cry...

Here we are, in the home stretch of finishing our basement. We still have a few hurdles to jump over and lots more to paint, but we are getting closer! Here are some pics of our updated progress...

standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at the office area. desk and built ins to come. The paint color is the same as the upstairs.

looking into the bathroom

the same tile (as the one, lonesome square pictured here) will go in the kitchen.

looking into the family room. the TV will be on top of the mantle and there will be a fireplace underneath.

in the guest room. cabinets will be painted white, shelves and entertainment center (apparently this is also referred to as the "man room") to come. on the wall to the right will be a pull-down Murphy bed.

play room: BEFORE

and AFTER.

looking into the kitchen. again, cabinets will be painted white. where the ladder is, will be a fridge and where the broom is, a bar/table

from the family room, looking out


Shannon said...

What will happen upstairs now with your kitchen, living room, etc?

Lindsey said...

Wow! That is very exciting!! You guys have done an amazing job! This really makes me want to get into our own house! I'd love to see the remodel in person! ;)

Michael and Kristine said...

our upstairs kitchen will still be our main kitchen as the downstairs will only have a fridge/microwave (more like a bar kicthen). and our current living room will become a dining room, with the kids' play area turned into a foyer/small sitting area. and, lindsey, come over anytime!!