May 21, 2011

a week in pictures

bath time!

love. love. love.

before the St. Charles auction we went to last weekend. Theme: Peace, Love, Disco. (hence, the reason for the get-up) and one of our only nights out since Max was born :0

some kids eat their cheerios. Avila makes words.

daddy! daddy! daddy! daddy!

my weekly/daily schedule. I am in love with the Mother's Rule of Life - a spiritual and practical rule modeled after religious orders designed to foster the holiness and aid in the practical side of being a wife/mother

teaching brother how to walk. But, I am especially proud of Avila's budding fashion sense, as she dressed herself and didn't forget awesome boots and a hat :)

where Max hung out for three days. We had the best time playing and eating outside ALL day. I tackled a looming project (window washing....hadn't been done in, um, years) and finished landscaping the backyard. My black thumb has turned a dark shade of green, and gardening is quickly becoming a new passion

two fat lips, caused by falling off the aforementioned slide way. too. much.

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