June 1, 2011

a busy mom's daybook

Outside my window...gray (blah). rain (blah). lots and lots of flowers and a baby tree that is growing like crazy (wohoo!)

I am thinking...of all the ways we can keep saving money with the things we use around the house. For example, I cut our dryer sheets in half, use washcloths instead of paper towels, we've stopped using the diaper genie (refills are expensive!), and I try to make as much of our food from scratch as possible. Next year, I hope to start a garden, learn how to can food, and I just found out that Tacoma allows chickens! Cheap and yummy eggs? Sign me up. The only hiccup: where to put a chicken coup?

I am thankful for...my first trip away since before Avila was born. Some girlfriends and I headed east for 4 days and 4 nights of sun, staying up late, sleeping in, bonfires, relaxing by the lake, shopping, mass, movies, pedicures, lots of girl time, no schedule, and no kids. I came away refreshed and thankful for amazing friends who teach me what it really means to be a woman, a wife, and a mother. Thanks also to Michael and our families who pitched in to help with the kids. I really don't think they missed me.

I am hoping...for a nice, sunny, warm summer. Because being outside all day means the kids eat better, sleep better, and there are no toys inside to clean up!

On my mind...how to balance it all: housework, couponing, schooling, working out, having a vibrant faith life, writing, Theology of the Body, being there for my husband, and simply being. Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day, but it is my current prayer that God will give me His wisdom on how to fit it all in.

Noticing that...I did a great job teaching Avila during Advent and Christmas because she is still singing Christmas songs.

A few plans for the week...prepping for a big surprise for the kids. We are taking the train to my parents' house this weekend and sister has no idea. She is going to freak out.

From the kitchen...nothing special. Actually, if we have BBQ chicken one more time I think I may go crazy. Back to menu planning...

Around the house...almost done with the basement. painting cabinets/trim and installing carpet is all that's left. Last year I told Michael that I would love it to be done before Max started walking. He is almost 14 months and still gets around on all 4's. Perhaps he's waiting for move-in day :)

Towards fitness and health...I'm on a little break from running and back with Insanity. It's kind of nice to move laterally again.

On faith...praying for patience REALLY WORKS! I am not known for my patience. However after novenas and dedicating my morning prayer to being a good wife and mother God is giving me a sliver of His grace.

One of my favorite things...seeing Avila get so excited whe she reads a word. She smiles and covers her face with her hands. I think she gets so caught off guard when she reads. Despite being a teacher by trade, I was so nervous about embarking upon teaching Avila how to read but this book: Mommy, Teach Me to Read, is SO awesome. It's short, easy to follow, and reaffirms the fact that God gave each child the desire and ability to read (taking the pressure off...). I also recommend another one of Barabra Curtis' books: Mommy Teach Me.

A picture I am sharing...

Max has realized how fun it is to watch a show

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