August 9, 2011


I really couldn't think of an interesting title to this post. My brain is kind of dead from moving, reorganizing the house and this pregnancy. #3 is on the way!!

We're just about 12 weeks and are due February 25th. The day before my grandpa's birthday. And as was the case when Avila was born, another leap year. Avila is waaaaay excited and won't settle for anything less than a sister. When asked "what happens if it's a boy?" she matter-of-factly responded, "It's so gonna be a girl."

Well, we'll have to see about that.

Either way we are both excited and nervous to grow our family. It feels just like yesterday we had Max and it's weird to be back in the same place again. (And I was just getting used to wearing awesome jeans........) The novelty of being pregnant has kind of worn off and sometimes I pout to myself about giving up my body for another two years, but then God reminds me that this is what it means to be open to life. Having kids isn't just about the baby showers and baby bumps and all the exciting things that come with it. It's about going through the fun and the not-so-fun to let God use us to bring life and love to our family. Right now it may be hard, and in 6 months when I'm not sleeping anymore it will be hard, but then I look at Avila and Max and I think to myself, "This is so worth it."

I don't mean to come off like I'm not excited. I am! All of us are! I think I'm understanding more the reality of desiring a large family (meaning more after this baby) and when the rubber meets the road, how willing I am or not to put my own needs and desires aside for my family. When everything is said and done and I look 25 years down the road, I know that I will be grateful for all of the sacrifices and no matter what our family looks like I want to know that I held nothing back from God to do what He wants with us. All in all, we are excited to see what this next chapter will bring and are excited to hold our little one come February!

PS: um, a huge thanks to my husband. He is superman. While I laid on the couch for 6 weeks, attempting not to die from nausea and tiredness, he took over the kids, and the house, and the trips to McDonald's (I mean cooking dinner), and the random requests I had. thanks, babe. as avila would say, "you are my best friend in the entire life."


Mary said...

CONGRATS MAUSS FAMILY!!! Way cool news! Happy for you all! The more the merrier right? :)
Maybe we'll be saying this 25 years down the road right? :) lol...

Michael and Kristine said...

thanks, mary! can't wait until my house is filled with kids running around. :) thinking of you! I hope you are feeling peace during this time.

kilipohi said...

Congratulations Mike and Kristine. That is super exciting!!!s