August 29, 2011

a beautiful moment...sort of

On our way home from some errands this morning I turned on the local Catholic radio station. At first there were some old-school church hymns on and before I could change it, Max started clapping and singing along. OK, little man: have at it!

And then, when we pulled into the driveway, Mass started. After the opening hymn I turned around to look at the kids to see if they would recognize what was on the radio. At the opening sign of the cross, both of their little sets of eyes lit up and Max immediately folded his hands. Avila started saying all the prayers (including, um, the Confiteor, which I had no idea she knew) and they both sat there with smiles on their faces knowing they recognized something so familiar to them: the Holy Mass.

And then, as I sat in my glorious moment - proud of my holy little children and their love of the Mass - Avila says:

"Um, mom. Can we change the station. This is weird."

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