August 18, 2011

done with the downstairs!

Ladies and gents we. are. done. (insert exhale......) The carpet was installed a couple weeks ago and since then we've been moving, organizing, and finishing some plumbing, doors, blah blah blah. With only a few things left to do (I guess in home ownership there is always something) I can't wait any longer to post pictures (and there are a lot of them, just to warn you).

For both Michael and I, a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. 4 1/2 years of intense, messy, stressful remodeling is coming to a close and now we feel like we can just live. We are grateful to everyone who has helped - physically, emotionally, with prayers - and especially to God who has opened hundreds of doors for this project to turn out. We are excited to open our doors to friends and family and to honor God with the spaces we created. We have always viewed our home as more than a place to eat and sleep - it is a place to make God present in the everyday - and now it is also a place that we can make memories for a long long time.

Oh, one more thing. If any marriage can make it through remodeling for this amount of time it is a marriage guaranteed to last for 90 years. To my husband who has put up with my tears and complaining (mostly over dust) and to my husband who has given up his life for us and our home, thank you. You rock. Now let's go hang out on the couch and do nothing.

What would this post be without a few before shots...

And now, enjoy. I still have some pictures to hang, but that can wait.

a lot of painting...trim, cabinets, doors

my favorite part, and a compromise between Michael and I. I wanted a table for at least 4. He wanted a peninsula bar. After watching my girl, Candice Olson, we found the perfect blend of both - a bar that is big enough for a meal or playing cards. I went with backless stools for the inside so they can be pushed in and out of the way. I like this view, too, because it shows off the creative designwork of my dad with the arch in the background. Sneaky sneaky to hide all that duct work.

the office. seats 2 for schoolwork and cords connected to the TV to play movies from the computer.

eventually we'll put an electric fireplace in under the TV

the playroom. avila spends lots of time in her "cave" reading, playing, and dancing. thanks to the creativity of michael and my dad, they were able to fulfill my crazy dream of having storage, plus a reading bench, plus extra sleeping (can fit a twin mattress), plus bookshelves, plus cabinets (above, to come) to store puzzles and school supplies, plus a space for things to snuggle with. who says you can't fit a lot into a little corner?

looking into the guest room.

same view, but with doors closed (if you couldn't figure that one out on your own...)

under the cave and behind the baskets of blankets and cozy things: storage for all their toys. Officially out of Max's closet. can I get a woot woot?

to create more space (in Michael's alleged "man cave") we have plans for a pull-down bed from the wall. He wants a man cave, I want more space for schooling, but I have a feeling we'll both get what we want. :)

a look at the trim. i think this window took Michael and my dad a couple hours, plus a couple hours for caulking, sanding, and painting. for one window. whew.

the storage closet in the bedroom. minus door. if the kids dump out 100 plastic balls one. more time...

bathroom door. Michael earned years off of purgatory for cutting down and installing the doors. just saying.

the only space with a little work left. this weekend (in anticipation of Amelia's arrival!!!) we will add the shower door and cabinet over the toilet.

the downstairs wasn't the only room to be finished. all the toys from avila's room (not pictured) and EVERYTHING from the main floor living areas was removed. Ah, space! We left the kitchen table and we *found* this awesome dresser turned serving hutch in our garage. When Michael's parents were remodeling their closets they asked us to take their dresser off their hands and with my hoarder, I mean turn-something-old-to-something-new-again, personality we said yes. With a little paint and a couple new knobs this thing will rock. It holds all our wedding china and serving pieces.

I love how I found all these pieces (sans flowers) in the attic or in my cupboards.

this used to be the playroom. I found these chairs in the attic from our apartment days. Someday they'll be replaced by something cozy and comfy. For now, they're free!

Well, there you have it. Stop over anytime to hang out, play a game (cause we have storage for them now), or just chat. We'd love to have you!!

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Amelia said...

AWESOME!!!!!!! (x 100000000....) Can't wait to break it in!! :)