August 22, 2011

a rite of passage

Ever since I had a girl (and a bald girl at that) I have been wating and waiting for the time I could do all sorts of fun things with her hair. Growing up, my mom had fun with our hair - bows, braids, and tons of curls. Except I didn't like it so much. I remember sitting in the kitchen, mom braiding my hair, and I was complaining that it hurt. And with our old school rotary phone on my lap, I called 9-1-1. Avila hasn't turned me in yet, but she hates when I touch her hair. So when she willingly let me braid her hair the other night, I totally jumped at the chance.

She was very proud of her braid and the curly, crimpy hair the next day. What's next? Sponge curlers.

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