September 26, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. Someone please tell me that they go through as much milk as we do. I'm talking 4 gallons a week, at least. And that's not including the gallon I use to make yogurt (which is also gone in a week). Oh, and eggs. We go through a lot of eggs. The more I think about it, the more we really need a farm...Shelley, can we move in?

2. Michael has strong genes. The kids both have his blue blue eyes and, among other kids, a love of ketchup. If you simply say the word "ketchup" to Max at the dinner table he both laughs and freaks out at the same time. And don't say it to him unless you plan on giving him some no later than 3 seconds after you say it. Along with the cows and chickens, I think I need to start harvesting tomatoes. That farm really is looking like a better idea every day.

3. We have a clock in our bathroom inherited from before Michael and I got married. It's a pretty clock and it's served it's purpose: to get us (me) out of the bathroom in time. But for a couple months now it has been broken. After changing the batteries a few different times we realized that it had to be retired, but at the same time we really didn't want to spend the money on another clock. Yes, it's like $20, but it has almost been a game to see how long we can go without replacing it. And that broken clock has taught me a good lesson: that even when something is "needed" it can be done without for longer than I think. Every time I look at it, that broken clock reminds me to be patient and to wait on the Lord - all the while trusting that He will provide for what we truly need.

4. I just gave Max some grapes. And what did he do? Dip them in ketchup.

5. We have some great friends who have shown us generosity beyond belief. When Max was born and ever since, they have given us dozens of bags and bins of boy clothes, shoes, and other items. Every once in a while I am struck by how much money this has saved us - hundreds of dollars to say the least. But more than that, their act of generosity (and other acts that people have shown us through our children) has given me a huge desire to pay it forward. When we are done having kids I hope to pass along all of our clothes and baby items to people who need them and return the favor by showing others the same generosity others have shown us. A good deed really does not go unnoticed and for all those who have helped us in any way (parents, friends, family, strangers), thanks a million! Your love has motivated us to do the same!

6. Avila loves all things "married" about Michael and I - our rings, the pictures, the stories, our hugs in front of her. She always asks to look at our album and to try on my rings. But it kind of went a little far the other day. Above our bed is a picture of us and a Willow Tree wedding statue. Apparently she tried so hard to get those things down that she ended up pulling the shelf out of the wall. Big holes. Lots of dust. But luckily nothing broken or hurt (including Avila). She ended up having to fork over her piggy bank as punishment to pay for the damage. Of course she got all teary-eyed but then out of her mouth came something I didn't expect:

"But mom. (sniffle sniffle) That's my money for all the kids who don't have food or toys."

7. Bellarmine is still doing awesome. 4-0 and ranked 1st in state. This has been our most fun football season yet. The kids and I have been to almost every game and the team is gearing up for a couple tough match-ups to come. I shouldn't have counted down to the state finals, though. 10 weeks. But that's just fine - lots of games to watch our "football boys" in action, to watch daddy "wave his arms weird" making play calls, and explain what the "4 and the 3" on the sidelines mean to Avila. And to watch Max swoon the crowd. Never thought I'd say this, but I really am praying for a long season!

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Val said...

We go through 2 gallons a week right now and I'm a lactard (so count me out) and Michael just started to like drinking milk. So I'm sure we'll catch up to you guys soon. Ugh, organic milk is so expensive. And yes, Eggs!! I am not fond of chickens and never really want to take care of any, but man free eggs would be so cool.