September 13, 2011

kids are weird...

Me: Avila, wan't do you want for lunch?

Her: Salt and pepper, please.

Me, being the cool and tricky mom I am (ha) I put together a little bowl of just that: salt and pepper. "Here you go, sweetie," I said, thinking she'll learn that everything you think you want might not turn out so great in the end.

Her, taking some licks: Mmmmm. This is so good. This is the best lunch I ever had.

Well, that plan didn't work.


Bridget said...

One day I asked Zachary what he wanted for breakfast, and he answered, "Poop!" (This was at a time when we were trying to break him of saying "poop" constantly...)

Guess what I served him for breakfast that day? (Thanks to baby Joseph's diaper for the contribution!)

And guess who said, "Mommy I promise I will never say 'poop' again... may I please have some oatmeal?"

And Yes, I did serve his second request!

Michael and Kristine said...

that is hilarious!!! and i love it when kids don't know what's coming :)