September 27, 2011

Heading into battle

Ladies and gents, it’s time to get our armor on and head into battle. It’s time to realize that in our culture, our time, our age we will either be lost or we will become a martyr.

The intense battle being built up and waged by the Evil One and the Culture of Death is just getting started. We may think that Roe V. Wade and broken families are sad enough, but just wait. This is just child’s play to what the Enemy has up his sleeve.

You think I’m being harsh or “reading too much into things?” Or that I’m one of those “doom and gloomers” present in every era of history? If you simply read one or two of the articles linked below you know that I’m not bending things to make our times sound horrible. The death of the innocent and the outright persecution of those of speak up for the Truth is evident in all cultures, all age groups, and it’s getting worse.

No jail time for woman who strangled infant because Canada accepts abortion, says judge

Texas High School Student Suspended for Saying Homosexuality is Wrong

Chilling Stories of China's One-Child Policy

Facebook, Google, social media sites 'actively' censor Christian content: study

California homeowner fined for hosting Bible study in his house

Couple who would have aborted disabled son awarded 4.5 million for 'wrongful birth'

UK gov't collects data of 'homophobic,' 'racist' 3 year-olds

Pre-teens in South Africa given contraceptive injection without parental consent

Glenn Close: people who value gender differences will have to 'die off'

Ireland not backing down on forcing priests to break seal of confession

Now, I’m not going to say that everything is bad. There is much good happening in the Church, among young people who reject the failed prescriptions of the sexual revolution, and in families who recognize that it isn’t enough to send our kids out into the world without discerning every little thing. But what is bad is getting worse. And I guarantee that each and every one of us will face a choice, like the early Christian martyrs did.

Our choice will be this: 1) embrace the culture of relativism, sexuality as we define it, and reject the wisdom of the Church (in which case we can become lost); OR 2) just don’t do anything, don’t voice the Truth, and sit back idly because we don’t want to stir the pot – all the while maintaining the outward appearance that we are good Christians (in which case we can become lost); OR 3) take a stand, profess the Truth through reason and loving charity, and don’t let any fears get in our way (in which case we WILL become martyrs).

By speaking the Truth (especially in regards to abortion, homosexuality and the like) many of us will lose friends, lose our jobs, lose our freedoms, and yes, some of us may lose our lives. This isn’t something to take lightly, of course, and it isn’t something I say lightly. Free Speech and tolerance are no longer granted to those who speak Christian Truths. Again, just read the articles above if you want proof.

I have spent much of this summer reading and preparing in preparation for the busy Theology of the Body season ahead. But more than the knowledge I have received from different books and articles I’ve read, what has struck me the most is how much we all need to prepare for battle. This is a battle that won’t be waged in arenas such as the Coliseum but it will cost just as many lives. It will take place in our workplaces, our schools (whether Christian in nature or not), our homes, and even some of our Churches. We must prepare for this battle through prayer, learning about our faith and having reason to back up our beliefs, maintaining compassion and praying for those who struggle with what we say, and by preparing our minds and hearts for the persecution we will face.

We ask the Lord to give us strength to not shy away from the Truth. We ask Him to give us the words to speak and the actions to take. We ask Him to build our armor out of the faith and confidence that comes from knowing HE wins in the end and, if we stick close by His side on the battlefield, that we will join Him in this victory.

reprinted from Theology of the Body NW: the blog.


Bridget said...

AMEN! The time is now... the truth must be proclaimed at every opportunity. The battle rages on...

Amelia said...

you are an amazing writer, Kris - than you for sharing your wisdom!

~michelle said...

Wow, those are some pretty intense articles. I can't believe they actually won a wrongful birth lawsuit. And the Canadian story about infanticide makes me sick to my stomach. They are important to share though, thank you.