September 20, 2011

preparing for peer pressure...sort of

Max is such an awesomely compliant kid. (I actually think it all started when he was 8 months old and I made him cry when he touched the Christmas tree...but that's another story.) It's like he will do whatever you say before you finish saying it. Sure, he throws a few punches now and then like any other toddler but this easy-going nature sure makes it easy for his sister to take advantage of him.

Case in point: the pink tutu.

I think Max has grown accustomed to being adorned with his sister's tutu, but on the other hand it looks like he's preparing for a little defense for the reading Preparing for Peer Pressure.

That's right Max, stand up for yourself. But when that pent up agression finally comes out, just don't hit your sister too hard. :)

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