October 3, 2011

our school room

While we "do school" just about anywhere in the house (thanks to my trusty tray I throw everything in and lug on my hip...kind of like the baby will in, um, 4 months) we have our main set-up in the playroom. Of course borders on bulletin boards and the like aren't really necessary, but the teacher in me kind of came out a little too much in the set-up process. In my defense, I have to say that I really tried to scale back. I get a gold star for not making a bathroom pass...

main calendar idea from here. although I added the liturgical stuff and tweaked it to fit what I felt Avila could handle and grow into. If you don't have a laminator, run (don't walk, but maybe drive ''cause that would be faster) and get this one. Hancock also has them on sale for $19.

a $4 frame from Target holds "masterpieces" quite well

I put a magnet on the back of her small white board (located on the big white board) to house it while it's not in use. Notice that the markers are really high up. For every inch that Max grows, those markers will get that much higher.

A board to show our work for the week. The first week we studied colors and last week, families. Just excuse the "Avila monster" puppet.

Our rules (for school AND life):

1) Be Jesus to others

2) Always do my best work

3) Listen the first time

4) Wait for the directions

5) Pick up when I'm done

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