October 20, 2011

pumpkin patch

From anecdotal evidence, I can say that there are more pictures taken by parents during pumpkin patch season than any other time of the year. I think the amount of cameras outnumbered the amount of pumpkins at the farm! But it's totally understandable given that when you combine kids + cute fall clothes + farm animals + mud + the wonderful feeling of fall that you will get an amazing backdrop for recording some of the year's best memories.

We loved our 3rd annual trip with BeccaJoe and Joe and Anna (plus their cuties, Gus and Evelyn). And going to the pumpkin patch reminds me, once again, that my kids need to grow up on a farm.

Avila, Maximilian, Evelyn, and Gus


Max, the stud

no matter how I tried, a good picture was not happening....

mud and pumpkins. a boy's best friend.

rearranging the kiddie patch. the scratch (and resulting blood) was from falling into a sea of pumpkins but wasn't noticed until a while later. he doesn't seem to care.

OMGoodness, how this girl is growing up

a family of 5!

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