November 4, 2011


That's their record! (or the number of weeks of football games so far if you want to look at it that way...) Bellarmine won again last night in the first round of playoffs, despite two key players out on injury. It's only going to get tougher from here on out, but if they can fight through 3 more games they'll be in the state championships!

A couple weeks ago was the game of the year: Homecoming, two un-defeated teams (BPrep and Olympia) and the last home game of the year. We had to head out early (like 2 hours early) to get a seat and with the pouring rain it was sure an adventure. The kids were troopers, and even got to play with their cousin, Thomas, the whole game. And my favorite part of the night: watching Max copy his daddy making play calls.

before the game

thanks mom and dad for all your help!

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