November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

hmmm...kind of weird that our 666th post falls on the topic of Halloween.

But anyway, what a great day it was! Trick-or-treating at daddy's office (where they pass out the king-sizers...) and a dairy queen blizzard with Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin to top off the evening.

For two weeks Avila wanted to be a princess hippo with sharp teeth (to eat all the people in the village), and I couldn't really pull that one out of my bag of tricks. So I waited until the last minute. But I must say, these costumes aren't too bad for throwing them together an hour before we left!

my two football boys...insert melting heart here.

that's Bellarmine Lions, not Detroit. :) and the 31 was daddy's number. the shoulder pads? napkins. and the blue stretch pants? avila's.

visting grandpa!

Max was going to be a stock broker, in his little suit, but I didn't want any Occupy Wall Street people giving him a hard time :)

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