November 30, 2011

it was a good run...

This post is almost two weeks late, but maybe it's taken that long to absorb the fact that daddy's football boys lost just one game shy of the state championships. We treked to Vancouver to watch Bellarmine play my own alma mater and after a hard fought game (including one of Avila's favorite players getting injured in the first qtr) they were defeated. I must say, the boys handled it with grace and now they are able to carry this life lesson forward with them in the future: the fact that battles are waged, wars are fought and, no matter the outcome, it is our job to press on and pick ourselves up.

With the kids old enough to get involved (and house projects all done) this has been the most fun and enjoyable football season in Michael's 5 years of coaching. And I am more fully realizing the amazing impact that a good football program can have on a young man's life. Other than from his great parents, a lot of Michael's character formation came from life lessons learned through a Christian football program. I see his work ethic, his ability to fight through any adversity with grace, what he's taught me about goal setting, and how a man's physical strength can be used to teach him about mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. We pray for our boys often and only hope that they can take from football what we have - to fight the good fight and prepare for the crown of righteousness waiting for us in the end.

Go Lions!

with mom and sister

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