November 3, 2011

max and the potty

Dear Max,

I know you love the potty. I know you have a big sister who gets to use it and I know that you love copying everything she does. But let me remind you of the ways this dear little potty has gotten you into so much trouble the past couple of days:

Case #1
Yesterday, after your bath, you went over to the toilet, and peed on the floor. At least you wiped and flushed.

Case #2
This morning you came to me while I was getting ready and you climbed onto the toilet, with the lid closed. You proceeded to poop (this time in your diaper) but by sitting it kind of leaked out everywhere...But thanks, I guess, for trying wash your hands.

Case #3
After your own poop incident you decided to play in sister's. Yeah, it was her fault that she forgot to flush but next time, please don't try to pull all of the toilet paper out. That stays in the potty. Thank you, though for giving me a big (clean) hug and saying you were sorry.

I love you, little boy, and I knowing you're trying to be "big" but let's make this transition to kid stuff, um, a little cleaner.

love, mommy

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