December 12, 2011

quote board

Some nuggets pulled from my conversations with Avila...thanks, in part, to Sid the Science Kid and Dinosaur Train.

Me: Avila, what are you painting?

Her: The Mesozoic era.


Me: Avila, why in the world did you just toss your cup on the floor?

Her: I didn't do it. Gravity pulled it down.


After I turned on the lights to the Christmas tree...

Her: Oh wow. What a beautiful light source!


Me: Hey, look. When you push on the baby in my tummy it bounces back.

Her: Yeah. That's called elasticity.


After handing her a plate with waffles and syrup...

Her: I have a hypothesis.

Me: What is it?

Her: My hypothesis is that these waffles are gonna be good. (insert big bite) Yup, I was right.


And this smarty-pants one liner was thought of without any help:

Me: Joy to the world!!!!! (channeling National Lampoon's XMAS Vacation, after daddy turned on the outside Christmas lights for the first time)

Her: Mom, why did you sing that dumb song for?

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