December 23, 2011

this advent

This advent we've been up to a lot and not a lot at the same time. I'll save you my words and let the pictures do the talking...

getting our Christmas tree

I told the kids that if they touch the present the Nutcrackers will get them. It didn't work.

wondering where the rest of the Nativity scene is? Max has it.

handprint tree, made by Avila. She actually made a total of 4. That's 40 handprints in one sitting. She earned some goodies doing that, for sure.

snow. a cooler concept than it actually turned out, I think.

our first Christmas tree with the ringboxes from our wedding that we will have it forever

what's Christmas without watching National Lampoon's Christmas vacation? with captions - so we don't miss every. hilarious. word.

we made crayons!

Nativity graphing. What do you know, baby Jesus won.

getting ready to make banana bread for daddy

I normally don't allow toys upstairs anymore, but today was an exception. "trains" just had to be built.

Max, you rock at scooter riding. We just need to get you one that's not pink. Oh, and sorry about the pink helmet, too. Sister, I sure love your snowman. I guess that's the kind you make when it's 50degrees out.

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