February 6, 2012

crafty goodness

Now that Michael has had his "fun" with our house - building, hammering, sawing, nailing - I thought it would be my turn. Here are a couple things that I can put on my own DIY list.

-plywood (found when we cleaned out the garage)
-awesome fabric on sale (this only took 2 1/2 yards so feel free to splurge!)
-nail gun
- a willing husband to help assemble

I plan on painting the walls grey fairly soon, and after we put in new trim around the windows, we will replace the curtains with wood blinds

I also plan on putting some white crown molding on the top to create a small "mantle" and put white trim on the sides...eventually


The "Eagan" Mirror:
-8X8 mirrors
-liquid nails, spray paint
-chop saw
-a friend to make one with!

I have wanted a mirror for above our hutch for quite some time. The picture doesn't do it justice (it looks too small here). But it rocks. And I built it - with a friend, with no husbands involved. The inspiration was taken from the Pottery Barn Eagan Mirror (retail $700 - no thank you) but our version was taken from this site: The Lettered Cottage. I still plan on painting the dresser-turned-hutch (white) and changing out the hardware to something vintage and fun.

pink and teal and seashells = love


The Gaunts said...

You are amazing! Can I hire you to decorate my house??? :). Praying for you and a safe arrival of your little one!

Family of 3 said...

I am in the process of making a very similar headboard .... but have to use a jigsaw to shape the plywood a bit. Good work!