February 3, 2012

of boys and babies

As I write this I am currently hunched over an exercise ball, trying to get this little one to turn. He's head down but he's facing forward which is causing ca-razy back pain. Like I would rather be in labor for 12 hours again than have this back pain (because, well, at least labor is productive). If anyone is in need of prayers, I'm offering it up for you! (and for this little one's safe and healthy entrance into the world.) I'm heading to the chiropractor to see if an adjustment is just what I need and otherwise, I will be down on my hands and knees for as long as it takes for baby to turn!

In other news, Max got his first real haircut. At a barber shop. And mama was totally not allowed to go. Apparently Michael didn't want his barber-world and his wife-world to collide (because that would be "weird") but I think he just wanted some male-bonding time. So, I thrust the camera into his hand as they walked out the door and realized that this wouldn't be the first time I'd send my boys off on an adventure without me.

pre-haircut. totally beachy but a little on the mullet side

don't look too excited, brother

ta-da! every time he points to his hair he says "dada"

outfit courteously of Max, himself. but on Fridays we always wear our Alaska shirt in prearation for Gold Rush

and while we're at it, we might as well roll around on the floor...

...and play hide and seek...

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Love the "during" haircut photo, it's priceless!