February 29, 2012

one week old...

A short week and a long week all rolled into one! Here are some snippets of our life with little Levi...

-officially in "bare minimum" mode (and I even wrote this down to remind myself to do nothing else): dishes, laundry, pick-up, and take medications. And I'm a lucky, lucky woman because Michael has been taking care of the first three. Oh, and PS: sorry to all the people who have texted or left me messages and I haven't gotten back to you (I think I'm up to 10 unanswered voice mails). If I'm not nursing, I'm napping.

-what medications, you might ask? Well, probiotics for Levi and me (to prevent thrush), antibiotics for Max (for his ear infection), Children's Advil for Max (b/c he has RSV - a contagious cough we are really trying to keep from Levi) and some more Advil for Avila for her little cold. Whew!

-and speaking of me being a lucky woman, I seriously have the best husband in the world. Words can't describe how helpful and accommodating and flexible and sacrificial and loving he's been. We are such a team and I am so grateful for him. love you, babe :)

-another big thank you to our moms. Mike's mom brought over tons of yummy food and my mom stayed for a while to help cook, clean, and take care of the kids. So grateful.

-there are always two days I am guaranteed to cry: the day we come home from the hospital and the day my mom leaves. So far I'm 2 for 2 plus a few more cries thrown in. Some happy tears, some tired tears, some overwhelming tears, some grateful tears. Oh these hormones.

-the moment Avila realized that she and I are the "only girls" in the family was the moment she fell in love with Levi :) In all seriousness, she loves him and loves helping out.

-Poor Max hasn't been allowed around Levi too much because of said cough. We had to make a blocked safe zone so he wouldn't get too close but hopefully he is on the mend and can hold his brother again soon, because Max is seriously in love with him, too.

-Levi totally has his days and nights mixed up. Meaning up every half hour at night. Last night I asked for a glimpse of hope and the good Lord gave me a 5 hour stretch with only one feeding thrown in. Granted he was in my arms and I was sitting up on the couch, but a glimpse of hope it was! At least it reminded me that, with newborns, yesterday can be nothing like today and today will be nothing like tomorrow. My motto for this stage in life is "a day at a time."

-Levi is growing like a weed. (it must be all those night feedings) He gained 9oz his first 5 days of life and if poopy diapers have anything to say about how big he will be later on, I am bracing for another giant middle linebacker in the family. If you looked at a picture of only his neck and shoulders you would think he was a 2-year-old.

-Levi's entrance into the world was so guided by the hand of God and an amazing redemption of the preceding weeks. Sorry to leave you hanging, but I'll share his birth story in another post...


Sunday said...

What a sweet beautiful miracle you have added to your wonderful family. Levi is one very lucky little boy.

God bless you all!

Lindsey said...

Levi is precious!! Congratulations to you and Mike! Can't wait to read your birth story - but take your time, naps come first! =)

Lemmon said...

Pio likes Levi. He smiles and laughs at his pictures. :) So happy for your family! Congrats and God bless!