March 9, 2012

baby love

I'm really anxious to start writing again - especially since lots of time on the couch nursing means lots of time to think and think. (just kidding...I'm not in a thinking mode. I actually veg out and watch hours of mindless TV.) Either way, you probably don't want to hear my words anyway. You just want all the cute, snugglish pictures of baby.

Snugglish? Yeah, Avila came up with that one. And it suits little Levi oh so well.

reading to brother

baby blues

the definition of snugglish? see above.

music playing, baby sleeping, kids coloring, mom drinking coffee.
Yup, life is good.

I just want to eat those cheeks!


Jenny said...

Your kiddos are just gorgeous! And, um, you look like you maybe had a baby 3 years ago, not 3

35 million weeks pregnant with Joey's little bro/sis

Jenny (formerly the great deception)

Michael and Kristine said...

thanks :) thinking of you as you approach the birth of baby #2! I'll offer my (sleepless) night tonight for you!