March 30, 2012

I love coffee...

Yeah, the title of this post doesn't really have anything to do with the pictures except for the fact that during month one with baby I was running on adrenaline and now, in month two, I'm running on caffeine! In all actuality we are sleeping more but the cumulative effects are adding up and my brain is in perpetual fog. Which is the reason why this post has taken me an hour to write...and I will stop there.

Enjoy the baby goodness!

I'm almost as big as sissy!

"you are mine and I will call you squishy..."

out and about before the Rally for Religious Freedom

sorry, Levi. I know you're not big enough yet to join in on the fun

I think he stores all his food in his squishy cheeks.

"give me back my BROTHER!"

Levi sleeping, old school style: in the bathroom, light off, with the fan. dismiss the pink camo - that's from the days of Avila.

I call this one "multi-tasking." Eggs are boiling on the stove, and Levi was hanging out while mama spent the 10 minutes waiting for the eggs to be done getting in a quick "workout." A few planks and some push-ups over baby kept him occupied while mama got some energy out!

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Family of 3 said...

great pictures. he is getting huge! you have a TON of bananas on the counter!