April 16, 2012

Welcome to the Body of Christ, Levi!

Levi was baptized yesterday, on the Feast of the Divine Mercy! Born on Ash Wednesday, baptized on Divine Mercy Sunday - a feast of great celebration and joy over Christ's great love and mercy for us. The meaning is not lost on me, and to journey through Lent, knowing our son would received his initiation into the Body of Christ the week after Easter has given me so much hope. Avila now calls him our "Catholic baby."

Now enjoy the pictures. There is nothing like seeing a little one have the gates of Heaven opened for them!

my favorite moment, ever.

my second favorite moment, receiving the Chrism oil. If you want to know what Heaven smells like, it is this. And now, I will refuse to wash his head for a week.

With Levi's godparents.

The Mauss family

The Salber family

Avila and Max were baptized in my baptismal gown. Levi is wearing the gown Michael's mom got when he was a little one, himself.

Now get me out of this thing and give me some food!


janzi said...

How joyful to share in your happiness. You and your darling husband make big healthy babies, they are all so beautiful, and this one is growing so fast.. its been fascinating finding your blog and seeing your world, thank you for sharing.. hugs from across the pond..J

Michael and Kristine said...

Thank you! It's exciting to have readers across the globe!!