June 24, 2012

I blame it on the computer...

Yeah, sorry, didn't mean to be MIA that long. But remember in the last post when I said that I hoped our computer wasn't broken? Well, it was. Weeks later we pulled the trigger and got a new one and in the meantime I couldn't upload pictures from my camera which meant you were super deprived of baby cuteness for a while. At least humor me and say you were.

But, no fear! We're back in business and Levi is 4 months old and inching towards a schedule (praise Jesus!) and Avila and Max are fresh back from 3 days at the beach with grandma and grandpa. I enjoyed my down time however I also realized that having one baby is the hardest number of kids someone will ever have. Why? Because as mom, you are sole entertainment. And because with only a baby around you kind of go nuts. At least I almost did. I'm glad Avila and Max are back home, filling the house with their laughter and fighting and keeping Levi occupied.

To be honest the baby stage (namely birth to around 4 months) is not my fav. I love having kids but only kind of like having babies. I realized that it takes me a while to bond with them. I only have a brief "moment" when they are born (ya know, the being so totally overwhelmed with joy and peace kind of moment) but then it is an exercise in pure love to do all that comes with the baby-blob stage without getting anything back in the form of smiles and laughter and coos. But man, is it worth it. And how much of an exercise in pure love! Giving, giving, giving - without getting anything in return. I think this is why God designs babies like He does.

We have emerged from this newborn stage and I have been flooded with so much joy that my heart is spilling over. Seeing Levi almost knock over his Jumperoo from bouncing so hard, to laughing at the sight of his siblings, to flirting (instead of crying) with me while he nurses all fill me with such happiness that, despite whatever not-fun stuff that comes with newborns, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is bright and happy and so snugglish.

If all my babies could be born at 4 months I'd have a million of 'em. However, the first few months of difficulty really do pale in comparison to the joy that comes with having kids. I was reminded of that these past few days when the house seemed so quiet with brother and sister gone. In a blink of an eye these kids of mine will be all grown up but for now I am going to relish the incessant talking (Avila), the begging for "Blues Clues" (Max), and the wanting to be held (Levi).

And you will want to relish all the pictures I'm going to post because, man, at the rate Levi is growing he's soon going to look less like a baby and more like a 3-year-old with a mustache...

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