July 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. The kids have seriously been playing by themselves all day but the second I sit down at the computer they're all up in my business and annoying-like. Max is on the chair next to me, papers sprawled out, standing on one foot attempting to draw, and whining for a show. And Avila is asking Michael, who is attempting to take a nap, "Daddy, daddy! When are you going to wake up!"

TGIW. (that's Thank God it's Wednesday - and today is a day off  for those who don't get my lingo.)

2. We finished a major garage/attic clean-out last weekend, which kind of culminates our 5 years of remodeling. And it looks awesome. I would post before (and after) pictures but my dad would kill me for ever living amongst such disorganization and my husband would kill me because I posted crappy pictures of the garage. So instead, I'll leave you with this video my kids are addicted to watching:

3. I realized how much of a hermit I've become since Levi was born. Which, on one hand, is how I wanted it: no plans, no stress, sleep as much as we can, not be committed to things other than playing, nursing, and changing diapers. However a light switched on in me and I've kind of gone nuts planning things: trips to the zoo, grandma's house, nights out with the girlfriends (woot woot), BBQ's, and maybe (just maybe) a date with the hubs. Gotta take advantage of the summer (that hasn't shown up yet).

4. Levi already plays favorites in the lady department. Namely, he doesn't like brunettes - and particularly dark brunettes. If he sees one trying to make goggly eyes with him, he freaks out. But put a new blonde-haired face in front of him and he gets all flirty. Perhaps I should pick up a few wigs and wear them around him to get him used to other people. Or.......perhaps that would just freak him out more. 

5. I dislike learning new technology. I'm a simple girl - I love me some college-ruled paper and sharpie pens. Which means I don't like (yet) our new computer. I'm making Michael learn how to use it and then tell me all about it. Because I'm a loving wife like that. It's my job to get him to Heaven and he will be earning bonus points after having to explain this thing to me.

6. There are some other things that people may (or may not) know about me: I love watching home-shopping channels, I am crazy-shy and totally introverted in new situations and amongst new people, I hate spending more than 5 minutes on my hair and rarely do my make-up during the week, I can go from not-hungry to give me food now or I will mall your face off in a matter of minutes, I love my husband's peanut butter/bacon/ketchup sandwiches, I love driving, and I love learning new things. For now, that's all. Some things can remain a mystery.

7. So excited to celebrate Independence Day. So grateful for our freedom. So grateful for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy the blessings of faith, life, and liberty that we are given by God. May we always protect and value our freedoms - for they are the foundation of our great country and, subsequently, our very lives,

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