July 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. We've been busy. Parks, pools, grandparents, birthdays (me, 29. Levi, 5 months). Lots going on and lots to catch up on, like laundry. But seriously there is too much playing to do to worry about laundry. And there is too awesome of a park by our house to worry about anything else than getting out and having fun. This place rocks; it has a huge play area, splash park, and swimming pools. I can imagine many a summer day spent here with mama lounging and the kids playing. 

2. I've received some questions about how to go gluten free and I'm planning a post on this very topic. It can be overwhelming in the beginning but it's actually super easy once you get the hang of it. And tons of places are jumping on the GF bandwagon and offering grocery/restaurant items for those forgoing the death grain. (just kidding on that last part...well, now I'm kidding. Last week I wasn't laughing about anything...) Stay tuned!

3. With the Olympics in full swing, we are trying to participate in the fun the best we can. We set up an obstacle course in the back yard and I'm planning on doing some "official" games with medals and all. Or we will just veg out and watch some beach volleyball and dream of being on the sand. 

4. Avila has to be the most thoughtful person I know. Apparently Michael had gone, before work, to buy me flowers and he set them in the laundry room for me to find. But when Avila got up (she is always the first to wake in the house) she took the flowers and made this little arrangement for me in the  kitchen complete with the card and money from my grandma, the Mary statue from her bedroom, her green bow, and peanut butter. The first thing she said to me when I got up was "Happy Birthday, Mama!" and she had two beautiful pictures drawn for me. This has to be the best birthday present ever.

5. Levi is the squishiest, snuggliest, chunkiest baby (ever). I can't believe that just a year ago I was nauseous, on the couch, and this little guy was the size of a kidney bean. To help me through the first trimester everyone was telling me, "just think of what you'll have in 9 months!" and my response, in my head, was "yeah, what? a newborn who doesn't sleep through the night?!" But now that this boy is 5 months old I cannot imagine life without him. He is such a perfect mix of Avila's outgoing personality and Max's gentleness and, seriously people, I would go through 50 first trimesters to have this little guy at my side everyday. I am in love.

6. Today we went to the 4US event, which helps raise $$ to buy ultrasound machines for pregnancy centers. By the cuteness of the little boy in the above picture, we need to save as many of these babes as possible and ultrasounds are one of the most effective ways possible. If you have a spare dollar, this is an amazing cause and if you have a spare last weekend in July, this is the place to be.

7.  Siblings. Still the best gift we have given our kids.

And, for kicks...the quoteboard:

Me: "The winner of this Candy Land game gets all the marshmallows at the finish."
Avila: "Remember mom. It's not about playing the game. It's about winning. And I just changed the rules: I win this game."

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