August 25, 2012

5 bucks

While out for a run together one Saturday morning, my mom and I scored big at a couple different garage sales. (Running + thrifting for treasure = a rockin' time) Just $5 bought each item below.

The 4-wheeler:

And this gor-gee-ous sunburst mirror that still had a $100 price tag on the back from Pier 1. I was inspired by this post at The Lettered Cottage to do something with sunbursts on this wall and who knew that I would find the exact same mirror for pennies on the dollar. I just need to move it down a bit and I'm envisioning some sort of paint color behind it. Or not. 

Should I do anything behind the mirror or just leave it plain? What is the best thing you scored at a garage sale/thrift store?


Mountain Mama said...

score! Just leave it plain! :)

Michael and Kristine said...

I think I'm in agreement, Amelia :) Plus I have crazy plans for a different wall.