August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. I jokingly said that Levi better be getting in 4 teeth with all the drooling and gnawing he's been doing. And, boom, I was right. Two on the bottom and two more just about in! Oh, and if you're wondering about that cool necklace Levi wears it's actually an Amber necklace to help with teething. It's supposed to release something or other into the skin and act like a natural pain reliever. If you ask me, I totally think it works. Actually, I just like my kids to look cool and man, he sure looks like a stud in this thing.

2. Speaking of stud. Here's the definition: blue velour jumper, chest hanging out, a little smirk.

3. What is up with boys and poop? Max taught Levi that if he poops right after he goes down for a nap that he can delay sleep time. Naptime yesterday, this happened with BOTH BOYS. And every morning they both wake up, having peed out of their diapers. I've tried going up a size, using Overnight diapers and even doubling up. Oh, and Max can barely put three words together but apparently everything is "yucky poop." Fun times.

4. Avila had a seriously weird reaction to Skittles the other day. The kids have been gluten free for 3 months and, now that I look back on it, haven't really had any candy/treat type things other than dessert from home. But I promised them something yummy if they were good at the grocery store and after earning their treat, they picked Skittles (which are gluten free, BTW). After a handful, Avila broke out in a rash all over her face and back and it went away about an hour after she ate them. I'm still wondering what could've caused this; was it the dye (ya know, Red #5)? Or some random other thing? If you know, I'd love to solve this mystery!

5. School planning is done and done. Next Tuesday we get rockin' and rollin' with toddler-school for Max and Kindergarten for Avila. I'm getting excited to start the new school year for lots of different reasons but mostly because it means I get to actually sit during the day.

6. While waiting for breakfast this morning the kids were being super loud and annoying. And I do not do loud when I haven't finished my coffee yet. So I put on Sade and immediately they quieted down. And they sat that way all trance-like until it was time to eat.

7. I thought Sade was the best idea ever until later, when Avila was trying to translate for Levi's baby babbles and she said,

"Oh, are you trying to say smooth operator? Hey, mom, what does smooth operator mean?"

Should I give Avila Skittles again to see how she reacts or would that be mean? Or is it more mean to deny a child Skittles even if they get a rash? Because Skittles are da bomb.

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