August 31, 2012

time to go bungee jumping...

I always knew I was a little bit crazy. But going to Costco with three kids, on a Friday, right before dinner, the weekend before Labor Day, and the last days of the coupon book is a whole other world of crazy I didn't know I had in me. 

Want proof?

There. I wasn't lying. Aaaannnddd, there's more in the trunk. I was pushing the cart full of stuff and children, while wearing Levi, while carrying a box of diapers. See, cray cray, I tell you. 

The trip was a success, I would say (despite all the weirdo looks I got....). I went armed with lollipops (even Levi got a lick) and I threatened dismemberment if they made me look bad. They must like their limbs because the kids did great.

And now I think I'll go sign up for bungee jumping because that would be a cake walk compared to today.

Yes, we are a brood of crazy.

What was the craziest/weirdest/coolest thing you've done with your kids? Have any of you gone bungee jumping and should I actually do it?


jen said...

Yep, we bungee jumped in Whistler several years ago. I'm still pretty pleased with myself that I did it, but I won't do it again. I'm no Adrenalin junky, the rush I got after made me sick and I couldn't stop shaking for hours after. Hubby felt the same way. Was great while doing it but we did not like how we felt after. If you want to do it though...go for it! It's one of those things that if you want to do it, see if you can actually step off the ledge, you should go for it. I learned a lot about myself in the 20 seconds of standing on the ledge/taking that step off.

Jenny said...

dang girl, that is hardcore. Like, a whole other level of crazy. So impressed!

Mountain Mama said...

Totally did that too. Except it was a Massive TWO Wal-Mart runs back to back (because it wouldn't all fit in the cart) and kids were definitely bribed, worn and made to sit where they fit! :) Love the crazy picture :)

Michael and Kristine said...

yeah, I think I'll leave jumping off a bridge OFF the bucket list. But skydiving....hmmmm???

And, Amelia, I don't know how you did it living so far from the store! And having to do crazy trips like that all the time!