September 4, 2012

are you ready for some football?!!

Here we go!! Football season is here. And it's Michael's 6th year coaching. When discerning whether or not he was going to coach this year there were many factors that led to our yes decision: football as a ministry, Michael's outlet and love for the game, watching our kids get to experience the amazing thing that is high school football. But in giving my "stamp of approval" it came down to something my mom said to me, "What would it be like if you couldn't work out?"

And in that moment I knew we were coaching again. Michael has made it more than possible for me to have an outlet that I love: running and meeting my girls at the gym for some much needed, mommy would go crazy without it, sweat time. And I knew that, despite adding on another munchkin and despite that many hours and days that take up football season, it was my turn to do the same for him. 

Soooooo, here we are! They had their first game last Friday and with a win, they are 1-0. 

But despite all the fun had on and off the field, I'm gonna go crazy if I hear that fight song one. more. time.

Do you and/or your spouse have an outlet or ministry or something you love to do? Aren't the kids so flipping cute in their Lion Cub t-shirts??

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