September 12, 2012

i'm a sucker for some bling

This weekend I'm running my 4th half-marathon. Oh, and the weekend after that I'm running another one. This past summer I concluded I was waaay too busy to start training again (like busy with homeschooling and football and kids' activities and an INFANT) but then a girlfriend at the gym mentioned they had a team to run a race and there were purple sparkly running skirts involved and before I knew it I mailed in my check and started putting in the miles.

Ah, man. I can't help myself. Whenever someone mentions sparkle or bling I'm all over it.

But I told myself I'm not training. I'm just running. Because "training" is boring and you have to do it whereas running is fun. (hahaha, running, fun? yeah, I used to think running was death, too, but now it's so awesome...just gotta get over the magic hump.) And if I just happened to hit my target miles then, well, I'd be prepared without all the mental anguish.

These past couple months gearing up and running around town (and to other towns...literally) I realized something about myself:

I need running.

Sometimes my runs are great and sometimes they suck but always, always, there is a megaphone from God's mouth to my ears and He always talks to me and tells me what I need to be hearing...either that or I'm a mental basket-case with split personalities or something. My husband would argue the latter.

From crawling up hills as long as Jay Leno's face and battling fatigue at mile 7 at 7pm at night (after a long day of taking care of kids) to feeling the breeze as I run over the Puget Sound and experiencing the high of 12 miles that felt like 2, every moment speaks to me of life and faith and character. Because, if I can overcome any obstacle to hit my running goals, then why can't I do the same thing in life, in my walk with the Lord?

Running has given me an inner strength I never knew I possessed. Running has helped me make peace with my body because the feeling of empowerment overtakes the crappyness of stretch marks. Running has enabled me to overcome obstacles in my day-to-day life - especially when things get way too hard. And running has shown me that, when you are feeling like you can't put one foot in front of the other, this is where you are getting stronger - more resilient and ready to face tougher challenges in the future.

Plus, with running you get to dance listen to awesome music and wear cool (purple) shoes and people watch behind your sunglasses.

I'm thinking of doing a post on how to make running (or, insert if you wish, biking, hiking, doing handstands) with kids and a busy life possible. I've learned some crucial things this time around that has made things so much easier than when I was training/racing/running before. If you're interested, stay tuned. And if you're not, well, you can have your fill with this:

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