September 20, 2012

You Go Girl

This past weekend I ran the You Go Girl Half Marathon. Super duper fun and Levi totally got the memo something was up because he woke up early that morning and I was able to nurse him down for a nap before I headed out. So awesome because, otherwise, that would've been an uncomfortable few hours.......

My last 3 races I finished in 2:10, 1:58, and 1:55. This time I had a (random) goal of 1:49 and I totally pulled it out of a hat because this pace would be almost 2 minutes per mile faster then my training runs.

Go big or go home, right?

With my pace goals written on my hand (anyone want to chip in so I can actually get my Garmin???) I headed out, met up with a few of my friends, and embarked upon another 13.1 miles.

Here's how it went.....

Let me back it up to the pre-race day prep: hydration, compression, and carbo loading. All while entertaining a baby. Bam.

Miles 1-3:
Oh man, totally started out faster than I should've. I never make this mistake because it's the worst race-day mistake one could make. Instead I usually let everyone pass me in the beginning and I pass them at the end :) But this time I got caught up in hitting my pace goals (8:20 min miles) and I had no clue the first 3 miles were all. uphill. Thank the heavens that I live on top of a hill and eat these things for breakfast because I hit full throttle and passed a bunch of people, not caring that I still had 10 more miles before I was allowed to run out of gas. 

Mile 4:
Downhill. Sweet relief. I let the momentum and gravity take me down without exerting too much extra effort.

Miles 5-7:
My trainer (not personal trainer, but that would be awesome) and friend from the gym caught up with me (she actually ran 10 miles to the race and then ran the race) and we hung out for the next few miles together. I hit mile 6 at exactly 50 minutes, and on track for a 1:49 finish. Michael and the kids met me to cheer me on and give me motivation to hit the last half strong. Actually, Michael wanted to document that I don't really run - I frolic. 

Toe Touch!

Levi, chillin' on the course.

Apparently Avila was upset I wouldn't get the kazoo she threw at me. 

Miles 8-12:
All a blur. I think there were some hills and some waterfront and a turn around, but all I really paid attention to was my watch and the fact that I slipped behind a couple minutes. I came to terms with the fact that, unless I busted out a 6 minute mile somewhere, I wasn't going to hit 1:49. Which was OK. I had a feeling I would beat my previous 1:55 but I was simply grateful to be out on a beautiful morning, running an awesome race. Towards the end the mile markers seemed to get further and further away from each other and while I usually thrive the last few miles, I was running on fumes. Which meant I laid it all out there and, when looking back now, I know I had nothing more left to give. 

Mile 12-13:
Long. Flat. Dumb.

Mile 13-13.1:
The Finish! A quick downhill sprint to the finish line and I came in at a new PR. Woot woot!

Official Stats:
Time: 1:54:02
Pace: 8:42 min/mile
Age Group Place (25-29): 6 out of 41
Gender Place: 60 out of 468
Overall Place: 68 out of 487

And now, after an ice bath, foam rolling, and a couple easy runs, I get to rest my laurels (tomorrow and Saturday) and do it all again on Sunday. Here's to hoping I don't get the kids' nasty sickness. Oh wait, Levi just sneezed in my face. Never mind.

What did you do this past weekend? Anything fun? 
I bet you got to sleep in. Jealous.


jen said...

Are you doing the Run For Soldiers in GH this Sunday? I have a friend who is filling in for someone on the 1/2, hasn't been able to train, so I'm meeting her around mile 6 to run her in the rest of the way. If I see you I will scream and wave, not a stalker...just a blog fan. :)

Nice job on the 1/2 by the way. I ran my 1st one this year, and am itching to do a 2nd.

Michael and Kristine said...

Yes, that's the race! I'd love to see you! I'll be wearing my red white and blue compression socks so I'll be easy to spot :)

And if you ever want to run a race together let me know! There's an awesome on Dec 31st (Monday, New Year's Eve morning) called Yukon Do It that is beautiful.