October 10, 2012

Race for a Soldier

Well, I wasn't really planning on leaving that last post up for so long without posting anything after it - mostly because it was kind of a downer and I know you come here looking for something more like this:

There. That's better. 

While life may be throwing me curve balls lately (which, BTW, I am getting better at catching), running has been a blast. The week after I ran Yo Go Girl, I ran Race for a Soldier which raises money and support for soldiers (and their families) facing PTSD. It was an awesome race, a hilly course, and tons and tons of fun. 

Coming off a half-marathon just 7 days prior, I didn't know what my legs could handle or what sort of time I could pull off. I wasn't planning on racing fast, but then my girlfriends got the crazy idea of running in costume (um, tutu's to be exact) and the adrenaline got to me and I pulled off another personal best. (OK, actually a tie with my personal best from the week prior...)

I made it my thing that whenever someone yelled, "Hey, nice tutu!" from the course, that I would run faster. And, dude, it worked. 

Especially up all. those. hills.

I don't think there was a flat section on the course. 

Miles 1-3: slow incline. I was jazzed up from the Pre-Race Zumba (c'mon, whenever there's music and I'm in a tutu dancing is a MUST) and I started off around 7:30/8 minute miles. I fell back from that a bit to conserve my energy, but so far so good. I think I even threw out a few "woot woot's."

Mile 4: UPHILL. Major. 

Miles 5-9: Kind of a blur but it was mostly rolling hills, lots of cheering sections, and lots of rockin' out to my music. Sorry to the people behind me who had to watch me air drum and lip sync. I was feellin' the Jason Mraz for sure. I kept up an 8:30 pace despite the hills and I simply listened to my body - I slowed a bit when I felt tired, and ran like crazy when I felt good. Plus.....I had the kids and my wonderful husband to meet coming up!!

Mile 10: Michael and the kids! I love spotting them from a distance and seeing them get all excited when they see me. Avila and Max had water and signs waiting for me and they were all decked out in their camo gear, too. 

don't ask me why I decided to sport the 80's hair......

Levi was a champ, too.

Miles 11-12: Still uphill. Someone on the sidelines said there were no more hills but that was actually a mean joke. Liar liar pants on fire. I still held it together and never hit a wall, probably thanks to the fact that I didn't put that crazy Yerba-Mate stuff in my energy gel like I did in Yo Go Girl. It's supposed to be a natural energy/caffeine stimulant but it only made me jittery and feel like my heart was going to run out ahead of me. So, I stuck to my date/agave nectar/lemon juice homemade gel and I flew the last couple of miles. Like sprinting. Hard, but good.

Mile 12-13.1: I saw the kids again and they handed me flags to carry in through the finish line. I finished in 1:54:31 (just 20 seconds slower than the weekend before) and then.......I got stung by a bee. Apparently they like my energy gel just as much as me. And it hurt more than running 13 miles.

Official Stats
Time: 1:54:37  Pace: 8:45 avg. min/mi
Overall Place: 217 out of 834
Division Place (F20-29): 13 out of 100
Gender Place: 55 out of 430

Michael took the kids home for lunch and I hung with the girls a bit longer, enjoying the beautiful morning and trying to ignore my stupid finger. And then I ran the mile back to my car (parking wasn't fun to find...) went home, took an ice bath, did some foam rolling, and hung out with my kids for the rest of the afternoon while daddy went to football (I love how we get to support one another in what we love to do!).

And, now I get to do it all over again. I mentioned this on Facebook, but never give a girl with a runner's high access to a race calendar and a credit card. Because I have Point Defiance Ultra coming up this weekend at the Ft. Steilicoom half-marathon next weekend. Both are trail runs and with the rain that's coming, should be super crazy awesome. 

Now the question remains, to run them in the tutu...or not?


jen said...

I totally saw you at the 6.5 aid table, you looked ultra serious and I was keeping an eye out for my friend and was scared I would miss her, so I didn't get your attention. Plus you were already dead even with me by the time I realized it was you. Cute 0utfit!

But, this weekend I am totally going to tackle you or something if I see you...I'm running the Pt. D run as well...the 10 mile distance. Which one are you doing?

Oh, and just kidding about tackling you...I'm not crazy like that.

Ft. St. is where I run almost every day...I will try to get down there and be a supporter!

Michael and Kristine said...

Haha, I can just picture myself looking "all serious" (and probably weird....) I'm doing the 15K too and I hope we run into each other (but not literally). If you wanna come run with me for part of the Ft. St. half I'd love that too and maybe we can chat soon about setting up a time to run together!