October 3, 2012


I had all these plans of sitting down to write 500 blog posts (to get all these thoughts OUT OF MY HEAD) but alas the only words I can come up with right now are:

I'm tired.

I don't mean to complain but, for some reason these past three weeks have felt like one loooong day (and night - word, children, stop waking up!). And not just one long day, but one long Groundhog's Day.

Breakfast, showers, laundry, school, cleaning, run, sleep. Repeat.

Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time before all the crazy kid stuff happened but then I realized life would be like Jennifer describes it in this post: a museum life.

You have to read it. So true. So awesome.

And so, instead of writing and writing I'll let the thoughts stir in my head and I'll grab a cup of tea and ice my calves and look in the video monitor at my beautiful children sleeping (creepy?) and be thankful for the life and joyfulness they bring to our home.

Aaaaannnnd then I will have a date with my pillow.

(PS: sorry Jen that your comment didn't show up! In my tiredness I accidentally deleted it. But 8 miles sounded awesome. Anytime you wanna run, give me a shout out!)


jen said...

It's ok...I have deleted comments as well.

And, I would love to catch a run with you! Let's make a date! I'm pretty open to any time, just not Wednesday evenings...dodgeball just started for me on Wednesday nights.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Love this post! I can definitely relate to so much of it. And thanks for the link!

Michael and Kristine said...

You're welcome, Jennifer! I love love your blog - you are such an inspiration.

And, Jen, I got your number and will for sure be calling you for a run soon!