November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. What's the one thing I really appreciate about my marriage? That I can call my husband up during a busy day at work and ask him to pray for me because I'm being a crappy mom. And then, just moments or hours later I will feel his prayers and God will give me the grace I need to make it through the day. Sometimes it's hard to be vulnerable and tell our men we're struggling (especially when all they want to do is "fix it" and there's really nothing to "fix") but Michael is my best friend and I trust him more with my heart than anyone else. Plus, having my other half intercede for me - either because my own prayers aren't working or because I'm too stuck on my own world problems to pray - is so incredibly effective and it draws us closer in the process. And now, after his prayers and a much-needed playdate at the park (in the sunshine!), I'm coming out of my Friday funk.

2. Max is learning to express himself quite well. As in "So mad. Cookie now." Oh, and we're in the "I will whack Avila on the head with a wooden train every 5 minutes" stage. Fun.

3. As an educator, you'd think I'd have this homeschooling stuff down, but I have had to let go of a lot of the "teacher" in me to make school truly effective. First there was that calendar I spent hours making that doesn't really do a lot for us. I took it down and replaced it with a daily notebook, instead. And then there was all my curriculum I broke down week-by-week for the entire year that I scraped because some days we do more and some days we do less and my plans were hindering our learning, not helping. I've accepted that school-at-home doesn't fit nicely into my pretty little box, all wrapped up with bows and glitter, but rather it happens around the daily thing called life. And that's OK because it's not about me and making me feel good about getting our lessons checked off. It's about the learning and the experience our kids are getting and sometimes my own plans have to step out of the way for that to happen.

4. Bellarmine Prep is in the playoffs and ranked 3rd in State. And with that comes "Movember." The coaches grow mustaches until they lose. And I refuse to kiss Michael until that thing is gone. Gross, I tell you. Not mustaches in general, but mustaches on my husband. I would show a picture (the one where he grew handlebars) but I don't want to scandalize you.

5. Running has been going well. Since my last running post I completed two more half-marathons and have decided to run not one, but TWO marathons in December. Perhaps I'm the stupidest person in the world or perhaps I'm crazy motivated. Either way I'm after my Marathon Maniac and nothing short of death will stop me. Not even a trip to the ER...yeah, that happened. Stupid mouth/throat infection. But they gave me numbing stuff and Vicodin and a couple days later I was back on the trails.

6. As a conservative Republican it's no secret the election didn't quite turn out as we had hoped. Even Avila made sacrifices (like giving up candy and TV for a whole day) for "President Romney" to win. But alas, God has different (bigger?) plans and I came across these two articles that highlight this fact. Wherever you stand on the political line, I encourage you to take the chance to read them.

Here's the lesson from the election, folks!

The most important result is yet to come

7. Oh, but there is something scarier than the election. This:

Lord, help us all. 

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